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Our Story

Madre Tierra is a family-owned and operated brand of fine cigars, all hand made in Tamboril, Dominican Republic. Our blended Cigars compliment the finest tobacco grown in Ecuador and Dominican Republic and we own the entire process from "seed to smoke".

Madre Tierra has been blending cigars since 1982 and just recently owners Juanna De La Cruz, John Deans and Jacob Senior introduced the cigars to the U.S.

San Andreas Cigar 
(Madre Tierra Cigars)

Every premium Madre Tierra Cigar is hand-

rolled in the Equadom Factory located in

Tamboril, Santiago Dominican Republic.

Although the factory provides whole leaf

tobacco for other manufactures they only roll for Madre Tierra, The company currently

produces 6-blends of Toro (6x54 cigars:

Rosado. Habano, San Andreas, Broadleaf, Corojo and (new) Connecticut, Their tobacco gives of a distinct flavor profile. It is simply a creamier. richer, complex and much more aporoachable than other cigars from the region.

Madre Tierra currently produces 7-blends of Toro (6x54) sized cigars: Connecticut, Rosado. Habano, San Andres, Pennsylvania Broadleaf, Corojo and (now) a Cameroon. 


The cigar gives of a distinct flavor profile yet much more approachable than other cigars from the region.

Madre Tierra made it's first major debut during a "cut-n-light* event for Smoke.

Rings-72, a local cigar lounge located in Merrit Island FL.

During the event the Habano flew off the shelf faster than it could be restocked. The trend continues to this day with the Habano (red-label) quickly becoming their highest rated and #I Seller in the U.S. (next to the San Andreas). Steadily as popularity continued so did Madre Tierra's reach into some of the most prostegious cigar lounges across Central Florida, Texas, and abroad.

Almost half of all the worlds finest cigars originate from Domincan Republic and Madre Tierra is certainly living up to the standard of producing quality cigars full of robust Dominican flavors with hints of cedar. spices, nuts, coffee and a even licorice as you work your way to the nub. Premium hand rolled cigars are and will always be about the tabacco and Madre Tierra takes pride in owning the entire cultivating process from seed to smoke. so you can be garunteed the very best every time you smoke it…..enjoy!

San Andreas Cigars
(Madre Tierra Cigars)
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